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High Blood Pressure Medicine

High Blood Pressure Medicine

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Your doctor has prescribed high blood pressure medicine to help lower your blood pressure. You also need to make the other changes that are effective: stay at a normal weight, use less salt, be more physically active and limit alcohol to no more than one drink a day (for women) or two drinks (for men). Follow your overall therapy plan, and you can be on the road to a healthier life!

Your doctor may prescribe one or more drugs to bring your blood pressure down to normal.

- The medicines work in different ways to help lower blood pressure.
- Medicine only works when you take it regularly.
- Don't ever stop taking medicine on your own.
- Even after your blood pressure is lowered, you may still need to take medicine - perhaps over a lifetime - to keep your blood pressure normal.

What Type of Medicines are there?

- DIURETICS rid the body of excess sodium (salt) and water and help control blood pressure.

- BETA BLOCKERS reduce the heart rate and the heart's output of blood, which lowers blood pressure.

- VASODILATORS, ACE INHIBITORS and CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS are drugs that relax and open up the narrowed blood vessels and lower blood pressure.
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