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High Blood Pressure Medicine

Are Calcium Channel Blockers A Good High Blood Pressure Medicine?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

high blood pressure medicine
Some medicines affect blood pressure health as calcium channel blockers. "Calcium channel blockers help keep your blood vessels from constricting (becoming narrow) by blocking calcium from entering your cells" . The medication may be good for people having a tendency to build too much calcium. However, since many post-menopausal and elderly people suffer from osteoporosis, personal physicians will determine whether the calcium channel blockers are the proper choice.

For the individuals who cannot take calcium channel blockers, alpha-blockers are another possible solution to high blood pressure. "Alpha-blockers help relax your blood vessels by reducing nerve impulses. This allows your blood to pass through more easily". Nerve impulses can constrict blood vessels, forcing high blood pressure. In order to provide adequate circulation, blood puts more pressure on the constricted artery walls. However, like all medications, only a qualified physician can determine the best medicine for each individual case.

Once a doctor determines the best high blood pressure medicines for an individual case, the patient is required to carefully adhere dosing instructions. While some medications like acid blockers can be taking before a meal, at varying times of the day, high blood pressure medications require a strict regiment. In order for the medication to work properly, the patient must never forget to take the recommended dosage. High blood pressure medicine controls the problem, but is not a cure. Forgetting to take a pill will result in a return to pre-medication conditions.

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