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High Blood Pressure Medicine

Winning Over High Blood Pressure

Friday, November 24, 2006

By Javier Fuller

Tip! Damage to cerebral tissues, resulting in convulsions, ataxia or impaired speech. Even brain death may occur in those patients with severe high blood pressure.

There is direct relation between alcohol and blood pressure. Not a happy relationship. You pay for the alcohol and buy blood pressure and again pay for treating the blood pressure! The double loss game!

This is just one strong reason. The disease of blood pressure is due to various other reasons. The crush of the materialistic modern civilization is too much to bear in the metropolitan cities. The modern modes of relaxation have capacity to create further tension! Take for example, one of the entertainment utility-Television!

If you view the News Channel, your mind is likely to get more agitated. Instead of peace of mind, you get piece of mind!

These problems are interrelated and it is difficult to segregate the cause and effect, once you are trapped. For example, too much of alcohol, is the cause of high blood pressure. It is also responsible for weight increase.

Tip! Age - it is common for high blood pressure to increase with age. Therefore older people are more at risk of high blood pressure than those who are younger.

Weight increase in itself is the cause of blood pressure. If you take medication for weight loss, again it has the potentialities for side effects. To treat the side effects, your doctor will again give some more medicines. The vicious cycle goes on. You will soon reach a stage, where you suffer form all sorts of deficiencies and diseases.

Blood pressure is only the cover. It has a solid back-up. Many serious, life-threatening diseases are waiting in the side-wings to take over once you are a patient of high blood pressure. They are heart diseases, heart attack, kidney failure, nervous breakdown and many others.

Forget medications for a while. I am not telling you that they are of no use. But the strategy of the moment is to change your lifestyle. Change in your food habits. Think positively that you are capable of beating blood pressure. Just give up junk food for ever. That is one of the contributing factors for your constipation, which again is one of the reasons for increase in your blood pressure.

Tip! Diet - a diet high in fat and sugar can cause blood pressure to rise. The healthier the diet, the less risk there is of high blood pressure and of blood pressure related disease.

If you are taking more than 2 spoonfuls salt per day, it is time to cut it. Give up processed foods and switch over to fruits and vegetables. Limit the sweets. Have a regular schedule of exercises. Meditation, breathing exercises, cycling, jogging, brisk walking, all these count a lot in reducing your blood pressure.

Along with the changed habits, develop a habit of thinking positively. Your supreme will power can cure any type of blood pressure.

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