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High Blood Pressure Medicine

Seeking Noninvasive Treatment for High Blood Pressure?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

By C. Bailey-Lloyd

Tip! Diet - a diet high in fat and sugar can cause blood pressure to rise. The healthier the diet, the less risk there is of high blood pressure and of blood pressure related disease.

Suffering from high blood pressure and looking for an alternative way to reduce your blood pressure without drugs and invasive treatment? A new medical mechanism is seemingly revolutionizing breathing techniques and has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

According to a clinical overview by Doctors William Elliott, Joseph Izzo, and Henry Black, a new blood-pressure reducing device called RESPeRATE(R) (by InterCure, Inc.), comprised of a "...control box (about the size of a paperback book) containing a microprocessor, a belt-type respiration sensor (which functions as a respiration sensor), and headphones (to provide feedback to the patient);1 shows promise for noninvasive treatment for reducing blood pressure significantly.

Tip! Activity - people who lead active lives are much less likely to develop high blood pressure or heart and artery disease.

How does it work? This small mechanism provides sessions of device-guided breathing to its patients. Analyzing breath rate and pattern, the microprocessor creates uniquely individualized melodies in the form of two specific tones. One tone is created for inhalation, the other for exhalation. The purpose of the instrument is to gradually have the patient synchronize his breathing rate to about ten (10) breaths per minute. Memory is stored in the microprocessor to show how often and how long the device has been utilized; and whether regimen was completely followed by patient.

In several, different studies, the device was used at intervals of fifteen (15) minutes per day for eight (8) weeks. Blood pressure control was significantly displayed in the groups using this innovative device. Findings showed that after 3-5 weeks of device-guided breathing, sustained reduction of blood pressure was achieved.

Tip! Depression, though not directly related to high blood pressure, is often one of the consequences when hypertension begins to affect the body's organs and the health issues become more complicated.

Per the overview, RESPeRATE(TM) can be used for the reduction of stress and as a complementary therapy for hypertension; and can be used in combination with conventional and alternative/natural interventions.

In closing, proper use of this device leads to guided, slower breathing which subsequently reduces blood pressure. Having no adverse effects, this new product may become key to naturally altering breathing patterns and help prolong heart health and overall wellbeing.

(To read the complete overview, visit: www.resperate.com/discover/clinical_evidence.aspx)


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Seeking Noninvasive Treatment for High Blood Pressure
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Report by C. Bailey-Lloyd

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Tip! Family history - a history of high blood pressure in your family can put you into a high risk group of having high blood pressure. It is common for high blood pressure to be passed down from generation to generation.

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