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High Blood Pressure Medicine

High Blood Pressure and the Benefits of Exercise

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

By Gordon Cameron

Tip! Alcohol - studies have shown that people who drink the equivalent of three or more glasses of alcohol a day are three times more likely to have high blood pressure than non drinkers.

High Blood Pressure - Exercise - Risk of Death

Here's the simple truth - if you have high blood pressure then regular exercise will significantly prolong your life.

Moderate exercise is a critically important part of maintaining good health. People who are physically active are less likely than their sedentary counterparts to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart or cardiovascular disease.

There is a strong link between physical activity and death rates. In particular, physical activity is associated with a reduction in the risk of death due to heart disease.

The amount of physical activity that you undertake will predict your risk of early death even if you have multiple heart risk factors or if you already have heart disease. (Risk factors include having high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and smoking).

Tip! Weight - people who are overweight are more at risk of high blood pressure than those who are of normal weight. Blood pressure tends to rise as body weight increases.

Many of us the the Western World have a high risk of heart disease because of our lifestyle habits and our body weight.

Many good research studies show at most risk tend to be more sedentary. Could this be you - do you fit this description? If you do then for goodness sake do something about it .. Now!

A recent research study looked at nearly a thousand American adults below retirement age. They followed these people for eight years and collected a huge amount of data about their health and their lifestyle.

The study found that those with risk factors for heart disease were about thirty percent more likely to die than the rest of the population. They were also more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle.

Taking regular light or moderate exercise reduced the risk of early death by a dramatic amount.

Tip! Diet - a diet high in fat and sugar can cause blood pressure to rise. The healthier the diet, the less risk there is of high blood pressure and of blood pressure related disease.

What's the message?

We should all be more active. If you have high blood pressure, are overweight, have diabetes, a high cholesterol or are a smoker (or more than one of these risks) - then you need to increase your level of exercise ... and start now. Your life, quite literally, depends on it!

Dr Gordon Cameron is a doctor based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has a special interest in blood pressure treatment.
You can discover how to lower high blood pressure and about the problems of low blood pressure treatment by visiting Dr Cameron's websites.

Tip! Eating red grapefruits is one of the best high blood pressure remedies there is. Eat several a day, if possible.

He has also written about using acupuncture for high blood pressure.

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